Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Welcome Maui Artist's


Welcome to the new Artist's Way series! I decided to add a blog so that we can support eachother during the week, share ideas and enrich our experience together. Please feel free to pass this blog along to anyone you think might be inspired or interested in our process.

I am looking forward to a powerful 12 weeks, full of interaction, growth and creativity!

With Sincere Blesssings,
Dawn Elizabeth


  1. this is a great idea! i support you fully and posted an ad on craigslist for the group -

  2. Thank you! I honor and support this group and you!

  3. Thank you Courtney and Jennye,

    It all feels very good! Thanks so much for your I am am learning thast it all is mutual and of grest benefit to the whole. I, too, honor both of you for your committment to your personal growth and for living authentically!

    Much Aloha! Dawn

  4. oops! Looks like I had lots of typos! Well, I think you get the gist. I mean, I just started this blog...and already I am making typos left and right. So excited that my mind is going faster than my fingers!

    LOL! Dawn