Thursday, July 22, 2010

Maui Artist's Way ~ New Cluster this Friday!

Wow! So far, there are 18 people on the list! Of course, not everyone is confirmed, but there are still calls and email inquiries coming in.

I'm very organized this go-around and have lots of great hand-outs and am ready for a very successful 12-week series for all!

As with the last series, we had some people who joined in around the 2nd and 3rd classes. If we have a very large group, I may decide to hold a separate class. In fact, there are a few people who can't make it on Friday's, but CAN make it Monday' there could be a Monday class in the works.

For those of you coming for sure, it's never too early to begin reading up through Week 1 if you already have the book.

I have about 6 copies of the book left for purchase at the first class, as well as some cute journals I scooped up at Ross for only $4 ~ $5 each. I think I have 8 of them or so.

OK...well, looking forward to Friday!

See ya then...

Dawn Elizabeth

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