Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Morning Pages

The morning pages have become somewhat like an old comfortable friend. Each morning, I make my tea and sit outside on my beautiful deck, overlooking the grandeur of Haiku and the grace and beauty of the steady moving ocean. Some mornings, I am angry or tense, still dealing with the ending of my relationship and finding my way into my new life. Other days, I already start out inspired and become more inspired.

At the end of the three pages ~ no matter what my frame of mind and emotion when I began ~ I am always better off and feeling more resolved about my day, about myself, about my life.

There's really something magical about unloading it all onto paper when you first wake up. It's like taking out the garbage first thing in the morning and having a clean house the rest of the day.

It's a place to spill out your hopes, dreams and wishes ~ and to inspire yourself to reach those somehow, buy a plan or by the Grace of God, or a little of both.

Anyone else have anything to say about their morning writing? Please share your thoughts...



  1. Thanks, Dawn; I started reading and following The Artist's Way on my own since I am in North Carolina ; wish I was with you each in person to participate ; ; at least this blog serves as being part of! Writing the morning pages is a great way for me to get my thoughts and feelings out for my acknowledgement and awareness; I have always journaled but had not been doing it daily until Julia Cameron's suggestions came into my pathway; one of my ongoing lessons is being present for my 87 year old parents who live independently but who both depend on me ; getting out my thoughts, when positive and negative about both of them is helping me so much! I also write dreams in my morning pages that I have had the night before; that is another important aspect of my awareness and spiritual growth! Thanks Dawn for your inspiration and encouragement
    Jennye in NC

  2. Yes. I Wish you were here with you, too. This whole process can be so powerful! I actually missed my morning pages for the first time in weeks yeaturday. I awoke a bit late and had back to back outpatients at the hospital...adn time just flew by. And, knowing you the way you do, I already know that you ARE present for your parents. You're already there! Lots of love...Dawn